the best brownies

How do you find the best recipe for brownies? What brownie recipe gives the best gooey brownies?

This is how PHIXX created their signature brownie recipe.

Firstly, this was written by a self confessed “wing it” baker. Never professionally trained, and never good at baking at school and if remembered rightly, couldn’t even bake a pizza base, although I did do a mean garibaldi biscuit lol. Maybe that was a sign that I did better at sweet things.

However, As well as cooking a mean lasagna at home for the husband. It also appears that I do a mean chocolate brownie- which the hubby is not a fan of because he’s one of these strange people who doesn’t like chocolate! Shock horror! But, how can you not like chocolate??? How can you not like the gooey moist fudginess of chocolate brownies?

In the beginning.

So before Phixx officially opened its doors, a menu needed to be decided. And google was great at showing hundreds of brownie recipes but one stood out. And it was chocolate based, with a solid layer of Nutella in the middle…who doesn’t love Nutella? So in the comfort of my own kitchen sat the brownie ingredients to give it a go and It worked. It was impressive. The brownie was the gooey fudgy kind that everyone wanted. We handed them out as samples for a local hiking company’s event and they all loved it. When Phixx opened its doors, the brownie was on the counter selling out each day. This was the best brownie recipe ever.

chocolate brownie,,nutella brownie,
say hello to my first attempt at brownies…. nutella gooey brownies to be exact

Then I found a coffee brownie recipe to try. Well I had to, since its a coffee shop and our own blend of coffee could go in it. In went a full double shot of PHIXX espresso into the new batter mix. Wow, an already impressive brownie recipe was now made even better. This now was the best brownie recipe ever lol

brownie, coffee brownie,
coffee brownie

How its good to adapt.

Sounding like a professional baker yet? nope. A great brownie recipe was found, and it was adapted to how most people prefer their brownies to be. The flour was adjusted, the butter was changed, and the coffee removed and wow. AMAZING! This turned into Phixx’s signature brownie which is the base in all the shops brownies.

What you can put in brownies is completely endless…anything goes in brownies…. the more chocolate the better…….But nothing minty…. ok so mint does work extremely well in brownies, I just personally don’t like mint chocolate lol

brownie box, brownies
brownies, brownie box

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Above all, stay safe and eat brownies.

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