Best BROWNIEs and cakes in darlington

you can order brownies here Phixx Coffee Lounge Shop Brownies and cakes can be ordered online. They are always available in the shop, on the counter, baked fresh on a regular basis. When lockdown is over the coconut brownie will be available on a regular basis due to high demand. There are many other options … Read more

Coffee from bean to pot

Coffee – Roasting & Grinding

After the previous history lesson on the origins of coffee, let us talk about how exactly coffee is harvested, processed, roasted, and brewed. Interestingly enough, coffee beans are extracted from a specific type of berries. Roasting Coffee Once these coffee berries are collected, and the beans obtained, the next step is to roast the beans. … Read more

Coffee alternatives

Coffee Alternatives

Coffee constitutes an essential part of the morning routine for a lot of individuals; it’s the most trusted option to get rid of the morning lethargy and put your brain on work mode. Coffee Alternatives However, excessive caffeine consumption can be a source of various physical and psychological problems. Inarguably, these health-related issues stem from … Read more