Coffee menu

Espresso – £1.50

Single shot of espresso

Americano – £2.20

Single shot of espresso topped up with water

Cappuccino – £2.40

Espresso topped with hot milk and foam

Iced Coffee – £2.90

Iced coffee with choice of syrup, served with sauce and squirty cream. Can be served blended or over ice.

Latte – £2.60

Espresso with steamed milk, small amount of foam

Flat White – £2.30

Espresso with steamed milk, stronger than a latte

Mocha – £2.70

Latte with Cadburys chocolate

Hot Chocolate – £2.10

Milky hot chocolate

Hot Choc Deluxe – £2.90

Made with Cadburys chocolate, topped with squirty cream and marshmallows

Syrup – £0.40

Please ask what’s available




See specials board for Deluxe milkshakes-£3.60

Cup of Tea – £1.90

Soft drinks from £1.10

milkshakes, cans of pop, orange juice etc


Bacon Bun – £3.10 Bacon Bagel – £3.45

Sausage Bun – £3.10 Sausage Bagel £3.45 Vegan Sausage Bun £3.60 Vegan sausage Bagel £3.95


afternoon tea

Cheese & Ham – £4.70

Cheese, ham

Cheese & Onion – £4.10

Cheese, onion, mayo

Cheese & Tomato – £4.10

Cheese, tomato

Tuna/red onion Melt – £4.70

Tuna, cheese, mayo, red onion

BBQ Chicken – £4.95

Chicken, cheese, bbq sauce

Sweet chilli Chicken – £4.95

Chicken, cheese, sweet chilli chicken

All paninis are available as toasted bagels

Afternoon Teas – £10.95pp

Our afternoon tea includes a choice of fruit or cheese scone, a choice of panini, a bowl of crisps. Also a drink of choice. Please give 24hr notice, or 48 hr for gluten free. Please call the shop or send us a message to get booked in.



Scones – £1.75

Please see counter for flavours of the day

Teacakes/Crumpets – £1.85/£2.00

Served with jam and butter

Cakes – from £2.00

Please see counter for flavours of the day

You are also able to select 10 pieces of cake from the counter for £15, stock depending.

selection of cakes